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What a wonderful gift to the special needs community!! This project is so needed for children with any type of speech and language delay. With clever lyrics and great melodies, these songs hold the Magic of Music in the way they bring important skills to every child. I hope that parents and educators the world over will download this music and encourage their friends to do the same!!

Karen Nisenson MM, MA, BCMT
Founder/Clinical Director
Arts For Healing

Music is universal in that it has the capacity to reach all children.  The accessible and interactive nature of music makes it a fun and effective teaching tool, and studies have shown that this is especially true concerning children on the autism spectrum and with other special needs. According to Barbara Crowe, past President of the National Association for Music Therapy, "Music can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness, between isolation and interaction”. Indeed, lyrical melodies, rhythms and harmonies can elicit a response in children that stimulates learning, promotes responsiveness, encourages communication and fosters growth. When used to empower and evoke connectedness in young learners, music is truly transformative.

We have created songs for children to help teach social skills, motor skills and various activities of daily living.  The music and lyrics of these songs were written with the guidance of speech and music therapists. Some songs are written for children with auditory sensitivity to help integrate and normalize particular noises that could elicit discomfort. Other songs facilitate the many facets of language development and communication.  Several of these songs are recorded at various tempos or with a call and response format so as to be interactive and accessible to a wide variety of needs. Our goal is to provide children of all abilities with music that engages and transforms the way they understand themselves, others and the world around them.

We are thrilled to be able to offer these songs as free downloads due to many generous donations and grants from foundations, private organizations, individuals and Magical Music's "Tunes in Times Square" sing-a-thon fundraiser. If our songs make a difference for your child or a child you know, we hope that you will consider making a donation to help us continue our mission to create music for all children.

MMFL is committed to continue to create songs to serve the many needs of children who learn differently. If you have any suggestions for songs or you would like to offer feedback, please see us on Facebook or send us an email at info@magicalmusic.org .

If you have any suggestions for future songs or you would like to offer feedback please see us on facebook.

A Day in the Life of a Child A Day in the Life of a Child

A Day in the Life of a Child
Complete Album

To save a song file, (right) click on the song title and "save."


Saying Hi - A cheerful song to help children with social skills

Saying Hi (Teaching version) - Slower tempo with teacher's prompts


I'm Glad that We're All Different - This song embraces the uniqueness of us all

I'm Glad that We're All Different (Teaching version) - Slower tempo with teacher's prompts


Lunchtime - This song addresses the angst children often feel over the noise and crowds in the lunchroom and offers calming solutions


Just What I'm Feeling - A song that helps children to understand and interpret facial expressions and emotions

Just What I'm Feeling (Teaching version) - Slower tempo with teacher's prompts


The One I Love Most, a lullaby - A comforting bedtime lullaby helping children to feel safe and loved


Waking Up & What to Wear - This song helps children to learn how to select clothes to wear which are weather-appropriate

Waking Up (Teaching version) - Slower tempo with teacher's prompts



I Have to Get Dressed - A song that follows the sequence of getting dressed in the morning



Tie My Shoe - A song that teaches how to tie a shoe



Everybody Run Run - This is a fun movement song to facilitate coordination and following directions

Everybody Run Run (Teaching Version) - Slower tempo with teacher's prompts



All My Things Have a Place to Go - This is a cleanup song which helps children to learn where to put their belongings

All My Things Have a Place to Go (Teaching version) - Slower tempo with teacher's prompts



Bath time - A song that teaches children bath time safety and how to wash oneself

Bath time (Teaching version) - Slower tempo with teacher's prompts



Brush Your Teeth - This song teaches children how to brush their teeth



Ma Ma Ma - A fun song about animals which facilitates early language development

Ma Ma Ma (Teaching version) - Slower tempo with teacher's prompts



Willa Walla Kangaroo - A fun, nonsense-word song for language facilitation

Willa Walla (Teaching version) - Slower tempo with teacher's prompts


I Wish the Noise Would Stop - Through soft, repetitive playing of many of the everyday sounds that children find upsetting, this song helps desensitize children to these overwhelming noises


I Wish the Noise Would Stop (Sound effects)



"My cousin is now 20 and very far down the spectrum with Autism… I am very familiar with the part music has played in his life when it comes to learning and communicating… and it is organizations such as Magical Music that I thank because you are truly using your gift to better people's lives." - a parent

"It is about time musicians stepped up to produce music for a population of children that SO need it." - a music therapist

"My son with autism is now 21.  How I WISH this music had been available when he was young.  What a great teaching tool - and so much fun to listen to." - a parent

"This is so perfect - it is just what is needed in the classroom.  How wonderful that the songs have both an up tempo and a teaching version making it applicable for such a broad range of children" – a special education teacher

"Oh, my son LOVES this music.  It has really made him more engaged.  I can't wait until Magical Music adds to the library." – a parent

We realize in taking this journey that these songs can work for a child no matter where they are in their developmental milestones. Hence they are called "Songs for Skills." We hope you enjoy them with the whole family!

Magical Music for Life is in the planning stages to write and produce more songs like these, so ... Please Stay Tuned!