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Magical Music for LifeTM's mission is to better the lives of children through the impactful and extraordinary power of music.

We accomplish this by developing and producing a wide range of musical projects that deliver positive, inspirational, and educational messages to children and their families.  Through our songs, performances, and projects our goal is to engage children and transform the way they understand themselves, others, and the world around them.

The Magical Music for Life Foundation was formed in 1999 by parents concerned with the messages children were receiving from the music, TV, movies, advertising and video games they were exposed to. Bombarded with age inappropriate media that often focuses on sex and violence, it became clear to them that their children were missing the wholesome messages that were so much a part of their youth and the generations before them.


Approximate total audience number: 27,000

. . . and still growing!

Performed for 53 different pediatric charities & events

Performed in 46 different theatres in 7 states:
  New York
  New Jersey
. . . and Washington, DC

585+ local children have
sung in Guest Choruses

The founders concluded that parents, teachers and other guardians of our children were at a disadvantage in competing with these well-funded commercial ventures. How could a parent's five minute oral explanation that "fighting is bad" compete with a three to five million dollar production of a video game that a child may play for hours, a game in which points are based upon body counts.

Working under the premise that music is an effective and popular medium for communicating with children, the founders pulled together a team of professional musicians, actors, writers and producers to use the power of music in a more constructive, responsible fashion.

The foundation's two musicals, The Adventures of Zak and Russell, the Hermit Crab, were created, written and produced as family musicals, with wholesome messages for children that would bring families together to enjoy the magic of live musical theatre, raise money for pediatric charities and offer some children a chance to sing on stage with a professional cast of actors. Many inner-city children have had extremely limited exposure to live theatre, and those in pediatric hospitals benefit greatly from the diversion and joy of a live musical performance. These are two important target audiences for Magical Music's outreach efforts.

Since April, 2000, The Adventures of Zak and Russell, the Hermit Crab have been performed in numerous theatre spaces in 7 states as well as at the White House in Washington, D.C. Fifty three charities and special events used the show which played to over 27,000 audience members. Over 585 children have shared the stage with the professional actors, singing in the guest chorus in the finale.

What I loved in "Russell" was that Magical Music, in such an incredible, age appropriate way, brings to life the question and some answers of discovering who you are.      -  a New Canaan, CT parent

"You don't have to worry, Russell, we'll be there for you!"