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Sponsorships and grants are vital to our providing free services for those who need them. If you believe in what we are doing and would like to support our mission to use music to better the lives of children and families, please consider becoming a sponsor for the production/distribution of our free music or our major event, such as TUNES IN TIMES SQUARE. We deeply appreciate your financial support!

To become a Sponsor for our music or major event, please contact us at info@magicalmusic.org for details.



Why Become a Sponsor?


Magical Music for Life is a nonprofit foundation that relies on the generosity of people like you to fund and support our mission. This comes in the form of donations and volunteering. No donation or volunteering of time is too small.

Most of Magical Music's music and performances, such as our Songs for Skills, are available for FREE. This is only possible because of:
red star Funds received through grants, our annual fundraiser, individual donations, and sponsors/major donors
green star Magical Music's "family" donating its time and talents for the production and performance of this music

Purple star Sponsors and major donors receive publication of their names on our publicity, website, and on the album when for an album

orange star Our major event in NYC is attended by thousands of people from all of over the country (great outreach for Magical Music and exposure for our sponsors and major donors)




With your assistance Magical Music for Life's songs, shows, and singing groups can continue to change and help save the lives of children. The songs not only entertain, but also give the audience positive and educational messages. Many of our messages focus on encouraging individualism, thwarting bullying, bolstering self-esteem, promoting friendship, and teaching important everyday skills through the power of music. Some of the songs are designed to encourage an ongoing conversation between children and their parents as children begin to deal with life’s more challenging issues and develop as members of our community. Our educational music has been written with the help of specialists so that it will meet the varying special needs of our audience. This includes our songs written for children with special needs which teach children skills to deal with everyday events and our water safety music which teaches young children techniques to help save their lives when in any type of water source (from a pool to a puddle).





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