"A Day in the Life of a Child: Musical Revue" Summary


A Day in the Life of a Child: Musical Revue is a 40 minute musical taken from our album of the same name is intended for an inclusive audience of children. The show follows a child through a day in her life from the time she wakes up in the morning until she goes to bed at night, helping to understand how to deal with the difficulties of the day. The world of this child changes on stage with colorful, easily changeable sets, which engage the audience.


This interactive, inclusive music revue was written especially for children on the autism spectrum. The show's songs follow the activities in the day of the life of a child and many are activity-oriented teaching specific tasks like choosing what to wear and taking a bath. Others touch on social skills such as Saying Hi or sensory & sound overload as in Lunchtime. A favorite for the audience is following along with an interactive dance song. Although the music was written for children with special needs, it is equally enjoyable for all children developmentally between pre-K and 3rd grade.


The show is easily transportable and the versatile set allows it to be performed in different size venues, including libraries, auditoriums, lunch rooms, or even outdoors. It flexible script allows for variations in performance length from a few songs to the full length performance. As far as technical requirements such as sound and lighting, and gain, the flexibility of the production allows for versatility depending upon the venue. In a large venue portable microphones are used with a sound system, which in smaller venues only a small portable speaker and playback system (usually an iPhone) is needed to play the soundtracks.


The cast is comprised of eight children 3rd - 8th grade age. Many have professional theater credits.


The funding for this show was raised with the help of the Broadway community at our annual TUNES IN TIMES SQUARE. Also, the money raised has allowed us to offer the songs from the album / show on our website for free download.


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